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Students Club

House System at SIS

To develop the spirits of competitions, leadership quality, confidence, strong will power and feelings of co-operation among the students ,we at NDPS follow the house system.
There are four houses and the students are divided into these four houses.


Sterling Spartans

The king and his 300 Spartans

The Spartans were no ordinary men, they were warriors who stood for their honour, values and above all freedom. Known as the strongest race in all of Greece, the Spartans chose to focus their lives, their energies and their convictions in perfecting the one thing that the world talks of even today-soldiers who hold the honor and safety of their land and people above all else. Said to be highly-determined and committed, Spartans soldiers were seasoned with a training process that was aggressive, thorough and grueling, to say the least, only the finest could be called Spartans. The mammoth Persian army of thousands realized this the hard way. 
The spirit of the Spartans lives on in our students.


Vanguard Vikings

A Tale of the Real Viking Hero


The Vikings were a race who, as explorers, warriors and raiders, carved a mark for themselves as conquerors of a path that was never before used to such an advantage-the mighty oceans and rivers.

Long ago on the south west coast of Norway was the abode called Foreness where the king's ally Thorsten the Viking and his son Frithiof lived.

Feared and revered for the fierce battle tactics and vast knowledge of sea travel, the Vikings were unquestionably the masters of the sea. With their imposing wooden long ships, the Vikings mounted raids on the coasts of the powerful British Isles, Western Europe and much beyond. Their shallow draughted ships allowed them to penetrate inland cities by river and stream. No one dared to challenge a Viking. No one underestimated their sheer strength and presence, because a Viking was a master of the waters.

The spirit of the Vikings lives on in our students.


Noble Knights

The Knights of the Round Table

Riding for pride and honor, riding for the commoner, the king and the country, riding towards victory and light, there is no figure in history that can match the nobility and courage of the Knight. The most significant military strength in the European Middle Ages, the Knight commanded respect amongst the people and fear in the battlefield.
Clad in metal armor and armed with a lance and an unsettling shield, the Knight was the army's frontline defense. Born to protect those who could not protect themselves, the onus of gaining the upper hand in a tricky military operation always rested on the capable and confident shoulders of Knights. It indeed is no surprise that even today, conferring knighthood on a deserving individual counts as one of the greatest honors’ of a lifetime. Always in front. Always ready. Always for others. This spirit of the Knights lives on in our students.


Tireless Trojans

A Brave Empire and The Wooden Horse

History Speaks volumes of the magnificent land that was the center of development and growth with port trade, iron production, exquisite clothing and course, impregnable defense. It was where the brave and the righteous ruled and Hector was above them all, a Trojan prince and one of the greatest fighters in the Trojan War. 
Never really approving of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans, Troy was forced into war when the Greeks attacked and drove the Trojans back. Various accounts in literature and travelogues speak of the eight occasions when the city of Troy was destroyed, but each time the Trojans rebuilt it stronger than before. Keeping off the feared Greek army for a whole nine years in the Trojans war so much that the great Greek army had to resort to the shameful Trojan Horse ploy to penetrate Troy, but not without a fight because the Trojans believed that giving up was not an option. 
The spirit of the Trojans lives on in our students.






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